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We are a unique digital music publishing company. We create and publish concert transcriptions for guitar and piano, original compositions, and arrangements for solo guitar, and music for guitar ensembles.

Our Sheet Music shop has works by Bach, Vivaldi, deFalla, James Flegel, Jeffrey Van, and Robert Guthrie. Because all of our scores are sold as downloads, they are available for instant delivery, anywhere in the world.

Our work reflects the artistic insight and fidelity to the composers’ vision that comes from decades of performing and teaching experience.

We are inspired to create a vital source of repertoire for musicians around the world.

The Company

Our Company and Name

Musika Borealis, LLC, was founded to publish high-quality, detailed, performance-oriented classical music transcriptions as well as original compositions.  For many years, musicians from around the world requested scores after viewing our internet video performances.   With this inspiration, we created our digital download publishing company to make the music accessible for musicians worldwide.

Several years ago, we witnessed an amazing display of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), which lit up more than half the sky like a canopy, and seemed to be reaching right over us.  We felt this was a special moment; a sign of something important.  Now, we take it as the name of our company.



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We’re very pleased that we have a large circle of musicians who play our music around the world, and are excited to hear from you.

Thank you,

Emilia and James Flegel,

Musika Borealis