Taos Suite — Robert Guthrie



Drawing on a variety of styles, the Taos Suite appeals to guitarists and audiences alike.  Fast-paced and energetic, it draws on flamenco techniques, Latin American folk rhythms and textures, as well as Brazilian harmonies and lyricism to create cinematic landscapes, reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s film scores.  Challenging, but idiomatic, players will find it more accessible than Mr. Guthrie’s exciting performance implies.  The score is fingered by the composer.

The Composer writes:

The Taos Suite is inspired in part by the dramatic high desert landscape and laser-like sunlight of northern New Mexico. I first discovered this area for myself while giving a series of summer courses and performances near the town of Taos. It became my favorite destination for musical renewal.

Another influence on the suite was my interest in old movies and the often excellent music that accompanied the action on the screen. While composing the Taos Suite, I had a sort of imaginary film score in mind, with movements alternating between rhythmic interest and lyricism. The final Toccata was an impression of a very high energy steel band I heard one day in nearby Santa Fe.

-Robert Guthrie