Our Publications

Our Publications:

We believe that our scores and concert transcriptions are of the highest musical quality.  Many of our publications are the result of decades of performing, re-arranging, and re-thinking.

Works by other composers are published as they wish them to appear.  Fingerings, page layout, and interpretive markings are all according to the composers’ wishes.

The scores and parts for our chamber repertoire and guitar ensemble pieces get detailed attention.  Many are meant for beginners or ensembles of players with different levels of experience.  As  active and experienced performers and teachers, we know what leads to successful musical learning and excellent performances that bring joy to the audience.  We create scores that lead the performers down that path.

Our publications are carefully notated and pages are laid out so as to make for convenient and productive study and performance.  Musical interpretation and intent is shown through very detailed fingerings, articulation markings, and dynamics.

We know that availability of a fine musical score can bring the music to life and inspire the performer to interpret and share the music.