Fantasma de Falla — Jeffrey Van


About the Composer

Badinage 2:00
Moon Garden 5:30
Intermezzo 3:00+
Finale 3:45
Total: 15 minutes
Total Pages: 68
Score: 24
Parts: 42
Performance Notes: 1
Title: 1


This composition for guitar ensemble, inspired by the music of Manuel de Falla, was written to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Classical Guitar Workshop University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in 2008.

The work is for an ensemble in four parts, of mixed levels, from advanced to very easy.  The third movement is a solo for an advanced player.

Scattered through the four movements (Badinage, Moon Garden, a solo Intermezzo, and the Finale) are musical quotes from Falla’s evocative composition for piano and orchestra: Noches en los Jardines de España, as well as quotes from his El Amor Brujo, and Homenaje: pour le tombeau de Debussy.  Even when snatches of Falla’s music are not making ghostly appearances, the spirit of Manuel de Falla is never far away.