Passacaille, Carillon and Tourdion — Jeffrey Van


About the Composer

Passacaille = 4:00
Carillon = 2:30
Tourdion = 2:15
Total 8:45
Total Pages: 58
Score: 24
Parts: 32
Performance Notes: 2


Composed in 2011 for the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory Classical Guitar Workshop, this work is for large guitar ensemble, in four parts, and percussion (bongos and woodblock). Intended for a group of guitarists of mixed levels, the guitar parts range in difficulty from very easy to moderately advanced, and the percussion parts can be played by guitarists.

Passacaille: The foundation of this variation form is a four-bar ground bass.  Variations surrounding this ostinato theme circle through the different parts of the guitar ensemble, aided by the wood block and bongos.

Carillon: This is a reminiscence of what might be heard coming from a carillon tower, or in the overlapping sonorities of bells ringing in an English country church.  NOTE: There is no percussion in this movement.

Tourdion: is a 16th century dance, like a Galliard, but lighter and faster. Bongos and wood block here supply these accents typical of the dance, mimicked by the guitars. Purely rhythmic sections are interspersed with those of a more lyrical character.  A burst of rhythmic activity brings the movement, and the suite, to a close.